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What Is The NAB?

The NAB Secretariat's Malcolm Dalesa, Principal Scientific Officer: Climate Change Adaptation and DRR, gives an overview of how the NAB was formed, where it sits in the national framework of climate change and disaster risk reduction, how the NAB will work with government, civil society and NGOs, and the main work elements planned for 2014 onwards. 

The attached presentation gives examples of how NAB can provide assistance to those working on climate change and disaster risk reduction activities in Vanuatu.

A copy of the 'What is the NAB' presentation can be downloaded from this article.

Vanuatu Climate Services Dialogue  Port Vila, Vanuatu 
Coral Reefs and Fisheries, 9‐10 June 2014 
Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise, 11‐12 June 2014   
The Government of Vanuatu is expanding its efforts to provide climate services to the ‘last mile’.  The 
Vanuatu  Meteorological  and  Geo‐Hazards  Department  (VMGD)  has  developed  numerous  tools  and 
products and explored communications mechanisms to ensure that users can have access to and fully