Adaptation Actions

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166 - Provide bullock with bore hole wells within pastures
167 - Provide dishes of water, cement pools inside pig fence
168 - Provide bullock with water dumps within pastures (Dig trenches to hold water)
169 - Proactively move animals (bullock, pigs, goats etc) close to rivers, streams and water sources during drought times.
170 - Build cement water catchment pools within the bullock enclosure
171 - Provide water to chickens in dishes inside of the fence
172 - Practice compositing inside the chicken fence, to keep soil moisture and also attract food insects
173 - Design bullock pastures so that streams and other water courses pass through them
174 - Design bullock pastures with appropriate mix of grasses: 70% grass, 30% legume
175 - Utilize gravity feed water systems to bring water into the pasture
176 - Use Bamboo ‘pipes’ to get water running into farms
177 - Use living fences to feed and provide moisture-filled leaves for bullocks during dry times.
178 - Feed chickens with moisture rich Navarra & other fresh foods and fruits (pawpaw, mango nakavika )
179 - Feed pigs with moisture rich foods like banana stem, taro , Navarra, pineapple, watermelon, climbing vines, Meremia big leaf.
180 - Cross breed and select for drought resistant bullock feed varieties
181 - Let chickens out of fence during the day to find water, but for sleeping come back inside.
182 - Allow chickens to drink dew on plants outside of the fence.
183 - Let pigs go into the coconut plantations and cut Navarra for them there
184 - Fence of plantations especially for use by pigs
184(2) - Practice integrated agriculture; use animal manure for crop fertilization, and produce additional crops specially for pig feed