Adaptation Actions

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163 - Utilize appropriate building materials for livestock enclosres that can withstand climtic extremes
195 - Apply local and imported pesticides and Insecticides
322 - Plant pasture grass species that can withstand flood conditions (para and elephant)
323 - Plant pasture grass species that can tolerate water (papolo and beans)
324 - Plant fodder tree species in pastures that tolerate water
325 - Move bullock to less flood prone areas including hill side grazing areas, and plateaus
326 - Make advance arrangements where bullock could be moved in case of flooding in the primary pastures
389 - Apply local and imported herbicides (and chemical injections)
390 - Physically remove invasive species
391 - Introduce biological control of invasives
392 - Practice regular maintenance, cleaning and weeding of forest plots
488 - Use proper surveys and an altimeter to select site
489 - Conduct a series of tests on source water quality prior to installing a new supply system
490 - Ensure proper site selection for bore water
491 - Seal bore hole when drilling
492 - Review government internal processes and guidelines for selecting bore sites
493 - Build capacity of govt and local communities on desalination options
494 - Use desalination in emergency situations
495 - Trial small scale inexpensive desalination technology
496 - Desalinate sea water