Call for Applications - National Climate Change Youth Representative to attend Side Event COP 23

Pacific Youth Voices in Unison Project

Call for Applications for a National Climate Change Youth Representative

to attend the Side Event Pacific Voices in Unison during the UNFCCC COP 23 conference in Bonn, Germany


Deadline: Friday, 2 October 2017 at midday


The Government of Vanuatu and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are working in partnership to provide a space for the voices of young Pacific Islanders. Selected youth representatives will be empowered to tell their personal climate change experiences with a focus on solutions and express their concerns on global stage during an official side-event in the Fiji Pavilion in the Bonn Zone at the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn, Germany (6-17 November 2017).

The future of the Pacific Island region is at stake as the effects of climate change pose a unique threat to the livelihoods of Pacific Islanders and their inheritance. The adverse consequences of the changing climate are already a reality for Pacific youths today and will be for generations to come. Pacific youths are creative in finding solutions based on their traditional and contemporary knowledge. This side event will showcase their strengths and needs.



In the course of the Pacific Youth Voices in Unison project, one young Pacific Islander from the Republic of Vanuatu is sought to represent his/her country on the world stage pre-, during and post-COP 23. The selected youth representative will be part of a team of five other youth representatives from the Pacific Island region. Youth representatives will attend several public events during their stay in Bonn, Germany. In their intended role as young Pacific climate ambassadors, youth representatives will have to interact with several stakeholders, including journalists and media.

An official COP 23 side-event at Fiji’s National Pavilion in Bonn, Germany will be the main platform for youth representatives to express themselves. This event will provide a powerful space for youth representatives to raise their voices and inspire delegates on how they are building resilience against the changing climate.

Selected candidates will be provided guidance and mentoring towards COP 23 before, during and after. This might include a pre-COP preparation stay in Suva, Fiji.

All youths, including young women and people with disabilities, are encouraged to send their applications.

To apply, please submit a curriculum vitae and a meaningful expression of interest letter. Applications should reflect the educational background as well as cultural context of the applicant. Furthermore, they should reveal personal ties to the Pacific Island region. A particular focus should be on everyday experiences with regard to the effects of climate change in the Pacific Island region and how solutions are developed and applied locally.

As an alternative to an expression of interest letter, candidates can also choose to submit a creative demonstration through art, story-telling, and video amongst other things to validate why they are the suitable candidate. Vernacular versions are highly welcome as well.

Soft copies can be emailed to

Hard copies can be delivered to:

Name:             Sanlan William
Position:          Chair of the NAB UNFCCC Taskforce
Address:          Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation, Meteo Building, No.2, Port Vila



Suitable candidates preferably should:

  • be 18-30 years of age;
  • a citizen of the country they are representing;
  • have close personal ties to life on an Pacific Island and having experienced the  effects of climate change first hand;
  • have demonstrated dedication to the topic of global climate change;
  • have demonstrated experience and talent in talking or performing at public occasions;
  • be willing to speak out and perform in public at different events pre-/during COP 23, which might include television and radio appearances;
  • be aware that their stories are presented at global stage, which potentially entails broad public attention and intensive media coverage of their person;
  • be able and willing to attend the COP 23 main conference in Bonn, Germany (6-17 November 2017) and a possible pre-COP preparation stay in Suva, Fiji;
  • be aware that extensive travelling (specifically during COP 23) and living abroad will be part of their engagement;
  • have a good team spirit; and
  • possess very good English language skills.



The applications will be reviewed by a selection panel consisting of members of the UNFCCC Taskforce.



The successful candidate must commit to contributing to the project, which will be evidenced by:

  • full attendance of relevant briefs, trainings and pre-departure sessions; and
  • fulfiling reporting requirements pre-, during and post-COP.


Furthermore, the successful candidate must declare that they are fit to travel.

A passport must be available and valid at least 6 months from the date of travel.

The youth representative will be required to sign a contract which captures the details of their participation,

All travel expenses including visa charges, flights, accommodation and a daily subsistence allowance will be covered by GIZ according to GIZ’s corporate rules and regulations. No further payment will be made to the candidate. 

Failure to comply with the standards expected of the selected candidate as outlined in this Call for Applications and the Agreement to be signed will result in disqualification from participating in this project.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at the above email address and copy

Criteria.pdf (564.13 KB)
Closing Date: