Climate Finance Working Group

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The Climate Finance Working Group (CFWG) serves as the consultative arm of the NAB Secretariat to progress issues related to climate finance. The CFWG is chaired by the Strategic Manager of the NAB Secretariat and is composed of 15 members representing the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, the National Trade Development Committee Secretariat, non-governmental organisations, development partners, and private sector partners.





The primary duties of the CFWG are:

  1. To provide strategic direction on climate finance-related matters for the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation and the Government of Vanuatu;
  2. To progress the National Implementing Entity (NIE) Accreditation agenda to provide direct access to multilateral climate funds such as the Green Climate Fund and the Adaptation Fund;
  3. To support the NAB as required to facilitate dialogue with partners on climate finance issues; and
  4. To support the coordination, steering, and implementation of climate finance programmes and projects.

The CFWG generally meets on a monthly basis to achieve its duties outlined above.



Below are members of the Climate Finance Working Group.

Anna Bule | CHAIR
NAB Secretariat Strategic Manager, Ministry of Climate Change

Malcolm Dalesa | MEMBER
Project Management Unit, Ministry of Climate Change

Chester Takau | MEMBER
Finance Manager, Ministry of Climate Change

Alexandria Masteia | MEMBER
MoCC Expenditure Analyst, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management

Wycliff Bakeo | SECRETARY
DSPPAC Sector Analyst for CC & DRM

Christopher Bartlett | MEMBER
Technical Advisor

NGO Representative, VCAN

Supervisor, Vanuatu Project Management Unit


The Terms of Reference for the CFWG is accessible here.