Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management related information and data sources in Vanuatu, July 2015

This information was collected as part of the Pacific iCLIM project.  Information was gathered during a visit to Vanuatu in July 2015 by project officers, with the assistance of Rebecca Iaken and Florence Iautu from the Vanuatu VMGD, NAB PMU.


The purpose of the data/information stocktake  was to:

  • Discover what data and information assets (related to climate change and DRM planning and decision making) were being created and held within departments or organisations

  • Explore how those data and information assets are currently stored and shared
  • Identify the custodian or contact point for these information assets
  • Compile an inventory of this information
  • Improve accessibility to this information where possible
  • Increase awareness and promote the concepts of information sharing and open data.

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