Pay-as-you-go Solar Light and Solar Milling Project Lessons Learned Workshop

Starting in early 2016, VIA and local partners have reached over 1000 households in ten islands of Vanuatu with the first rollout of pay-as-you-go (payg) solar home lighting systems in the Pacific region. A world-first program of solar mill deployment has also been undertaken, with over 40 solar powered crop-processing machines now operating across Vanuatu, including coconut and cassava graters, corn shellers, flour grinders, kava mincers, refrigerator/freezers and new low-cost water pumps. These products have had real-time sensors added to them to show how TVL and Digicel’s mobile telephone infrastructure can help communicate system performance, opening up possibilities for payg community infrastructure and remote energy metering and billing as well as quantified impact monitoring. VIA will share plans on project expansion to 5000 households or more in the near term.

Come and join us and try some super smooth solar-grated simboro!!!!

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Department of Energy Meeting Room Meteo Complex, Nambatu Area
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Thursday, August 31, 2017 -
10:00 to 12:00