Public Forum: Vanuatu at COP23

The Ministry of Climate Change has been working hard the past few months to prepare for this year's climate talks. Now, with less than a month to go until the negotiations begin in Bonn, MOCC is inviting the public to attend a special COP23 Forum. 

This Forum is an opportunity for people to hear about MOCC's work throughout 2017, to learn about the issues that will be negotiated at COP23, and to receive short updates on several key climate issues for Vanuatu. Most importantly, the Forum is a chance for the public to ask Vanuatu's national COP23 Delegation questions, and to share their own stories about living with and adapting to the impacts of climate change. 


VSPD Conference Room, VSPD, Colardeau Area
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Event Details

Start / End Date: 
Friday, October 13, 2017 -
13:00 to 15:00