Green House Gas emissions from Vanuatu volcanos!

Department blong Geohazards oli Report long Green House Gas emissions long ol volcano blong Vanuatu! 

"We report on one such region—the Vanuatu island arc, in the Southwest Pacific—for which we now have sufficient systematic observations to offer a systematic emissions inventory. Our new estimate is based on SO2 flux measurements made in the period 2004–2009 with ultraviolet spectroscopy techniques for the following volcanoes: Yasur, Lopevi, Ambrym, Ambae, Gaua and Vanua Lava (from south to north). The results reveal the Vanuatu arc as one of Earth's prominent sources of volcanic degassing with a characteristic annual emission to the atmosphere of ~ 3 Tg of SO2 (representing about 20% of hitherto published global estimates). Our new dataset highlights the sustained prodigious degassing of Ambrym volcano, whose 5 Gg day− 1 mean flux of SO2 represents nearly two-thirds of the total budget for the Vanuatu arc. This confirms Ambrym as one of the largest volcanic sources worldwide comparable to Etna, often considered as the most vigorous source of volcanic emission on Earth."