New "Coastal Change Toolkit" co-funded by SPC-GIZ CCCPIR

A new toolkit on „Coastal Change“ developed by a wide range of experts in 2014 and co-funded and carried out by the SPC-GIZ CCCPIR program:



A Guide to Support Community Understanding of Coastal Erosion and Flooding Issues


The Coastal Change Toolkit focuses on helping communities understand how coastlines work and what causes coastal change, and supporting decision-making to reduce the impacts of coastal hazards such as flooding and erosion on communities.


It is divided into two volumes:

·         Volume One: Outreach provides detailed outreach materials to support an understanding of how coastlines work and what causes coastal flooding and shoreline change (natural and human-related). It also provides examples of case studies and community stories from around the Pacific region that illustrate key concepts about coastal change.

·         Volume (2): Planning provides participatory processes that enable community members to use local knowledge to understand changes in their coastline and support decision-making that is best for local situations and capacity.







Both of the volumes in this guide can be used together as a step-by-step process to carry out outreach and conduct planning to select a suite of appropriate actions that, in combination, address local coastal hazard issues. Alternately, the individual volumes can be used separately to support existing community resource-management processes such as raising awareness or completing vulnerability assessments.


The toolkit was carried out and funded by the following organizations: