New Vanuatu Agriculture & Agroforestry Book

A new publication from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural (ACIAR) provides a clear view of the current status of mixed species agroforestry in Fiji and Vanuatu and offers valuable insights into the potential for agroforestry development to assist Fiji and Vanuatu and other Pacific island countries.

The extent of agroforestry practice in Fiji and Vanuatu has significantly declined, and that numerous constraints are impeding its expansion.This book identifies technical opportunities and constraints and explores financial, policy and legal measures that could facilitate sustainable agriculture and agroforestry as a viable replacement for unproductive land in Fiji and Vanuatu

The publication (MN191) entitled ‘Promoting sustainable agriculture and agroforestry to replace unproductive land use in Fiji and Vanuatu’ is available as free download from the ACIAR website >