Website Training for Vanuatu's National Advisory Board on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction

NAB Portal

On 30 January, over thirty participants from the Government, Civil Society, Private Sector, and Development Partners were trained in the usage of the website of the National Advisory Board on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction (NAB), and especially on the newly added Climate Finance section of the portal. 

The NAB has oversight over all climate and disaster risk initiatives in Vanuatu, and has a mandate to widely and transparently share information with stakeholders and the wider public.  On the website, you can find information on current climate change projects, news, events, job opportunuties, national policies and even see the thousands of documents and reports written about Vanuatu. 

Participants of the workshop were amazed to see how much information about climate change finance was now available to the public.  They saw a new document which gives the public clear information on all of the climate related sources of funding available for communities and the private sector.  The NAB portal also has a new list of all of the Green Climate Fund projects being prepared for Vanuatu, as well as a list of relevant project apprasial steps.

The workshop showcased how important it is for orgaizations to upload their own content on the website.  The more information that is shared, the better the world will know what we in Vanuatu are already doing to deal with disaster and climate change.

Thanks to the Vanuatu GIZ Green Climate Fund Readiness Program for adding this important climate finance information to the portal and for running this traininng session for NAB and its stakeholders.  The NAB Portal was origially developed in 2012 with the support of the SPC/GIZ climate change program, and upgraded again in 2014 with the support of the ICLIM project. 

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