Climate Change. Take action now

“The environment is precious and we should protect it like a mother hen
protects its chicks. We should prevent deforestation, find solutions through
actions that will prevent air pollution, and promote awareness to the
people, particularly young people, who are tomorrow’s future.”
Sarah Baikame, age 17, Cameroon
Take action now!It’s more than a catchy phrase. It is what many children and young people
around the world are saying, loud and clear, as the changing global environment puts their
communities at risk and threatens their collective and individual futures.
This booklet is a guide on how you, as a facilitator, peer educator, project officer, teacher or
youth worker, can support young people in non-formal learning settings, both in and out of
school, to take action in addressing the challenges of climate change. It aims to support you
to focus the energy and ideas of children and young people into effective activism. This can
take a range of forms, from practical projects such as tree planting or making solar cookers, to
awareness-raising workshops or performances, community mapping and preparing for natural

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