Policy Recommendation Report on CDM DNA Establishment and CDM Policy in the Republic of Vanuatu

ince 2009, the UNEP Risø Centre (URC) has been implementing the Clean Development
Mechanism (CDM) component of an umbrella EU-funded, UNEP four-year project on
“Capacity Building related to Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA) in African,
Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries”. The purpose of the CDM Component of the ACP
MEA project is to develop capacity for CDM project development in the ACP countries.

In the Pacific, based on discussions at the inception workshop held in May 2009, the CDM
component has been designed as a regional program with Fiji and Vanuatu as focal countries.
It also includes some DNA capacity building support in Samoa and Tonga and Solomon
Islands and PNG representatives have been also invited to the regional workshops.

Under the project, a series of capacity building activities are being carried out to support
participating countries in establishing and operationalizing their DNAs (Designated National
Authority), creating business-friendly environment for the development of CDM projects, and
developing a portfolio of CDM projects. As part of the project activities, four CDM capacity
building workshops have been organized.

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