Opportunities for greening the Vanuatu economy - an assessment by the Pacific Institute of Public Policy

The Pacific's leaders and policymakers have come to realise that continued development is premised on addressing convergent economic, environmental and social challenges. The Pacific faces a number of
challenges, with energy, food and financial shocks, persistent economic inequities, and climate and environmental issues having dramatic impacts throughout the region.
Under business as usual, these challenges will threaten recent progress made in reducing poverty and improving livelihoods. Green growth offers a development model to mitigate these issues while
strengthening economic growth and environmental protection. The green growth model is of particular
relevance to Vanuatu because of the importance of environmentally vulnerable sectors, such as tourism and agriculture, to economic development. Recalibrating economic growth with sustainable development
objectives may help build resilience in these sectors while opening new opportunities in other sectors for improving the livelihoods of people throughout Vanuatu.
While many elements of the broader green growth model are relevant for V

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