Rsearch Priorities on Vulnarability, Imapcts and Adaptation

Climate variability and change affect virtually
all physical, biological and human systems on
the planet. A major challenge of the research
community is to provide relevant information
to policymakers on vulnerability, impacts and
adaptation (VIA) in the context of a changing
climate and to do so in a coherent and coordinated
way. The Programme of Research on Climate
Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation
(PROVIA) aims to respond to this challenge by
harmonizing, mobilizing and communicating
the growing knowledge-base on VIA to relevant

PROVIA, in consultation with both experts and
policymakers, has developed a set of Research
Priorities for the global VIA community whose
activities are primarily carried out by individual
researchers and research institutions. The topics
reflect a balance between research ‘supply’ from
the expert community and research ‘demand’
from policymakers and decision-makers. The
Research Priorities include new and emerging
topics as well as topics that have long been
recognized as important but for which research
is still required.
The focus of the PROVIA Research Priorities is
on vulnerability, impacts and adaptation, rather
than climate science per se, and the VIA topics
depend to a varying extent on the state of climate
knowledge. Since there remains significant
uncertainty about how some key climate drivers
may change (e.g., future evolution of tropical
cyclones and stability of polar land and seaice),
a common theme is the importance of
building capacity for adaptation, resilience and
risk management under uncertainty in both
developing and developed countries.

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