Livelihood resilience in the face of climate change

" perspective piece published in Nature Climate Change you requested, which argues that resilience can be useful for linking the post 2015 frameworks if given a stronger normative steer, arguing that: -          An emphasis on systems thinking in resilience theory shouldn’t prevent us putting people, their agency and empowerment at the centre of the analysis -          Resilience should reflect understandings of assets, freedoms and capabilities that are fundamental to human development and livelihoods thinking, -          Building resilience in a changing climate must be underpinned by a human rights approach that places a stronger burden on international community, nation states and private sector to uphold their responsibilities, whilst permitting self-determination of the qualities and dimensions of resilience -          We must work with the ongoing dynamic processes of social transformations when building resilience, rather than assume resilience means maintenance of the prevailing conditions.

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