Capacity development and TVET: accredited qualifications for improving resilience of coastal communities – a Vanuatu case study

With support from the EU PacTVET project, The Pacific Community (SPC) and the German aid agency (GIZ) Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Region (CCPIR) programme Vanuatu is currently delivering the first nationally accredited TVET qualification in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) in the region (and world).  This paper presents this initiative in Vanuatu focused on coastal communities and also makes the case for using accredited regional and national TVET qualifications to support capacity development. Capacity development through TVET qualifications is a process of empowerment that comes with an understanding that practical skills can directly impact livelihoods, cultures and the environment.  Capacity development is a foundational aspect of successful overseas development assistance and effectiveness in meeting long-term sustainable development goals.  The current delivery of a Certificate 1 in CCDRR in Vanautu is leading developments addressing the development of effective climate change adaptation strategies for coastal communities. 

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