Online NDC Toolbox Navigator

The NDC Partnership recently launched the first comprehensive online platform focused specifically on resources that help countries implement their national climate commitments (Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs). The NDC Toolbox Navigator (beta) is a searchable database of over 250 analytical tools and technical resources. It provides connections to sources of advisory support and technical expertise as well as links to other online platforms with relevant resources. The goal of the platform is to provide countries with the analytical tools they need to deliver ambitious climate and sustainable development action. The Toolbox Navigator provides a user-friendly search experience based on different NDC implementation activities, with filters by sector and topic to help users find the resources most relevant to their needs. They can also use the tools to facilitate peer-to-peer learning around implementing NDCs. For example, users will find resources ranging from a tool that provides assessments of greenhouse gas emissions reduction from clean energy initiatives to software that helps plan for risks posed by climate change variability.The NDC Toolbox Navigator was developed collaboratively through a working group of LEDS GP (Low Emissions Development Strategies Global Partnership), COP22 Presidency - Government of Morocco, GIZ, World Resources Institute, UNFCCC Secretariat, and USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development). The Navigator is the result of a collaborative process between the NDC Partnership and a wide array of partners.We encourage you to use the tool and share it with your networks.

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