MCCA 2014 Annual Report

Below is an extract of the Minister's Forward from the MCCA 2014 Annual Report:It is with pleasure that I hereby submit to Parliament the 2014 Annual Report of the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation (MCCA), Meteorology & Geo-Hazards, Energy, Environment and National Disaster Management Office.In 2014, our relatively new Ministry began the long task of moving away from working as separate Departments – some in other Ministries – to working as part of the MCCA team. Issues with staffing, financial arrangements and physical resources made our task challenging. However, as can be seen from the following Departmental reports, with strong leadership, commitment, vision, professionalism and dedication, entrepreneurship + imagination, so much has been achieved.The process of preparing Annual Report provides a very valuable opportunity for the Ministry team to look back to the year that has past, reflect on achievements but also analyse issues that can be better managed and resourced to pre-position the Ministry for the challenges that will no doubt arise in the new year of 2015.--------------------Honourable Minister Thomas LAKEN (MP) Minister of Climate Change Adaptation


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