National Fisheries Sector Policy 2016-2031

This fisheries sector policy is the umbrella visionary document of the Republic of Vanuatu, in which the Ministry responsible for Fisheries and partners takes charge delivering over the next 10-years period. The policy highlights priority issues in this sector and sets out a number of key strategic actions addressing these challenges.At the outset this sector policy is well aligned and consistent with the overarching Vanuatu Government policy documents, namely: the draft National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) or the “Vanuatu 2030”, the Overarching Productive Sector Policy (2012-2017) and various other relevant policies. Therefore, this policy must be read together with all other relevant fisheries policies in the country.This policy is also cognisance of all the fisheries related subregional, regional and international policies and treaties that Vanuatu is a signatory. Examples of these policies and treaties include the MSG Coastal Fisheries Roadmap (2015-2024), the FFA Regional MCS Strategy (2010- 2015), the Noumea Strategy A new song for coastal fisheries – pathways to change (2015), the Pacific Regional Roadmap on Fisheries (2010), the Samoa Pathway (2014) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (2014).This Policy seeks to coordinate current activities, making them clearer by giving a ‘home’ of the high level strategies and monitoring programs in the fisheries sector. Vanuatu continued efforts to remedy the challenges are a demonstration of its commitments. It is not always easy because of capacity gaps and sustained resources; however Vanuatu through its Fisheries Department endeavours to work towards discharging its international, regional and national responsibilities fully into the future.

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