Project Status Report

Project Title Status Progress FRDP Goals
Enhanced Climate Resilience and Grid Connected Renewable Energy through Battery Storage Proposed 0-25%
Restoring and Protecting Biodiversity, Coastal Landscapes and Climate Change Resilience through Nature Based Solutions, Women and Youth Entrepreneurship in New Caledonia, Tonga and Vanuatu Proposed 0-25%
Establishing resilient, low carbon agricultural systems in Tonga, Vanuatu and Samoa Proposed 0-25% Implementing Adaptation and Mitigation, Mitigation of global greenhouse gas emissions, Strong enabling environment, Governance and decision-making, Partnerships and cooperation, Understanding climate science, impacts and adaptation, Education, training and awareness
Test Project Proposed 0-25%
Enhancing Adaptation and Community Resilience by Improving Water Security Proposed 0-25%
Malekula Water Supply Project: Increase Resilience of Vulnerable and Marginalized Communities of Malekula Island through Integrated Water Resource Management and Ecosystem-based Interventions. Proposed 0-25%
Enhancing water-food security and climate resilience in volcanic island countries of the Pacific Proposed 0-25%
Leveraging the National Green Energy Fund to Achieve Rural Electrification in Vanuatu Proposed 0-25%
Community Resilience Partnership Program (Regional Program) Proposed 0-25%
Pathway to enhancing waste management at the Etas Bouffa Landfill through effective waste and pollution monitoring, control, segregation and capacity building to meet Vanuatu’s reporting obligations and maintain Vanuatu’s pristine nature. Proposed 0-25%