Crops are infested/infected by pests and disease


Weed grass and maintain gardens to remove plants that could harbor pests and diseases


Plant around times of the year that insects are less likely to outbreak or damage crops


Physically remove or kill caterpillars or other pests that are found within the garden


Cover fruit bunches (bananas, guava etc) with plastic bags to prevent insect attacks


Use fire ashes to prevent insect damage on island cabbage: A. Sprinkle ashes on affected leaves, the leaves will die and the new shoots will be insect free B. Mix ashes with soil before planting island cabbage, acts as an infestation prevention C. Surround the cabbage stems by a ring of ashes


Ensure that imported planting materials (from other islands/locations) are pest and disease free


Harvest island cabbages regularly to reduce the number of insects that accumulate around plants