Climate Change Media Training In Preparation towards COP26 Session

The Climate Change Media Training

This one-day media workshop was a training for Vanuatu media Officers, communication officers in government sector and also Non-Government Organizations that were invited to the training on COP-26 Session. The Training aimed at enhancing and providing the right information to all media officers and communication officers about what COP-26. This also included what countries that will be participating in this session and what is happening in the COP-26 session? Also included was a focus on Climate Change and its impact. The media and communication officers came about to know the five (5) key Thematic Areas that Vanuatu is involved in for that COP-26 session, such as:

  1. Mitigation
  2. Finance
  3. Adaptation
  4. Loss and Damage 
  5. Transparency

The NAB Secretariat under the Ministry of Climate Change organised this training to prepare Vanuatu Media Officers and Communications Officers for that COP-26 Session that will be held virtually at the Grand Hotel from 1st -12th November 2021. The Training was done for the media to understand and grab the right information, that they will be able to channel or pass that information to our people. In other words, making it simple for Vanuatu people to understand climate change impacts in Vanuatu and other Pacific countries that the developed countries are held responsible for. The COP26 Session will be hosted by Scotland in Glasgow, in partnership with Italy.

The Training involved media officers and communication officers from government and private institutions, Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation, Daily Post, Buzz FM 96.3 and others. It was a successful training, and media officers have also shared the challenges and difficulties on what they have always faced when trying to get information about climate change. The NAB Secretariat has taken note of that and together with the media and communication officers, we have put together an understanding, that everyone needs to work together as a team in the future to share, collect and give out information about Climate Change and especially about the COP26 Session.

The NAB Secretariat is pleased with the attendance and the outcome of the training and hoping to see more media officers and communication officers in any next Climate Change media training.