National Advisory Board Secretariat - Members


There are a total of seventeen (17) members of the Board (including the DG). Quorum of the NAB is 8 memebers (''half plus 1"). The Act makes allowances for there to be observers on the Board;they are allowed t otake part in discussions, but not in the decision-making (note: this means if there is no quorum,but no decision can be taken. Whether a meeting goes ahead or not if there is no quorum is at the discreation of the chair). Observers are representatives of the Climate Change - Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) and the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and industry. Members are allowed to request for guests to come to a Board meeting, especially when there is a particular agenda item that needs to be discussed.

The National Advisory Board is Chaired by the Director General of the Ministry of Climate change and adaptation ( MoCCA). according to the Act, she / he is allowed to select an 'Alternate" when  she / he is unable to chair.

 Below are the members of the NAB Secretariat and the Observers with their Alternates.



Government Department / Ministry
 Member Position Alternate (s) Position
1. Ministry of Climate Change & Adaptation (MoCCA) Mrs Esline Garaebiti Bule Diretcor General (Chair)      
2.  Department of Climate Change (DoCC) Mr Mike Sam  Waiwai Director Mr Nelson Kalo Scientific Officer Mitigation
3.  Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo- hazards Department (VMGD) Mr Montine Romone Director Mr Allan Rarai Manager, Climate Division
4. Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation (DEPC) Mrs Donna Kalfatak Director Mrs Rolenas Tavue Baereleo Principal Officer Biodiversity & Conservation
5. Department of Energy (DoE) Mr Antony Garae Diretcor Mr Mathew Tasale Manager Electrification
6.  National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) Mr Abraham Nasak Director

1.Mr Jimmy Naura

2. Mr Rocky Jean Neverserveth

1. Manager Operations

2. Manager Support Services

7. Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Mr Yvon Basil Director

1. Mr Sanlan William

2. Mr Sylvain Kalsakau

3. Mr Richardo Valele

1. Head UN Division

2. Acting Head Europe

3. Senior Desk Officer UN

8. Department of Strategic Mangement (DSPPAC) Mr Jerry Lapi Director Mrs Anna Bule Head Air Coordination Unit, DSPPAC PMO
9. Department of Local Authorities (DLA) Mr Leith Veremaito Director Mr Ian Abbil Deputy Director
10. Department of Water Resources Mr Erickson Sammy Director Mr Erie Sammy Acting Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Section
11. Department of Forests Mr Rexon Vira Director Mr Godfrey Bome Forests Operations Manager
12. Department of  Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) Mr Antoine Ravo Director Mrs Caroline Alick  PMU Manager, DARD
13. Department of Finance Mrs Dorothy Erickson Director

1.Mrs Leisau Lakeleo

2.Mr Nigel Malosu

1. Deputy Director Finance

2.Deputy Director Treasury

14. Department of Women's Affair (DWA) Mrs Rotina Ilo Director Mrs Rosette Kalmet Gender & Protection Coordinator
15. Deparment of Public Health Mr Len Tarivonda Director Mrs Nellie Ham Manager of Environmental Health Services Unit
16. Department of Education Services Mr Samuel Katipa Director  Mrs Virana Lini Education in Emergency (EiE) Officer
17. Department of Public Work (PWD) Mr Malcolm Tarileo Director Mr Andre Iatipu Deputy  Director 


NAB Observers & Alternates


  Organisation Member Position Alternate (s) Position
1. Vanuatu Climate Action Network George Koran PACCIL Coordinator, VCAN Secretariat Mrs Margarette Dick Network Officer, PACCIL Project, Oxfam
2. Vanuatu  Business  Resilience Council (VBRC) Glen Greg Preseident, VBRC,VCCI Dr. Rebecca Bogiri National Manager, VBRC, VCCI