Trade - Trade Policy Framework Update 2019-2025

Vanuatu is the fourth biggest Forum Islands Country in terms of population (273,000 in 2016), the fifth biggestcountry in terms of land mass, and the twelfth biggest country in terms of Exclusive Economic Zone. It is ayoung country, with 66% of its population being less than 30 years old.Most of Vanuatu’s population still engages in own-account production, mostly vegetables (97%), but also livestock(86%), and fish (58%). Overall, the weight of the Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry sector (own-accountplus commercial) is still significant, at around 20% of the Gross Domestic Product. Most of the remainingGross Domestic Product (70%) is generated by the services sector.Vanuatu has bilateral diplomatic relations with around 70 countries. At regional level, the country is a foundingmember of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).The Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework Update (TFPU) 2019 is the country’s trade policy. It assesses the factorsconstraining Vanuatu’s trade competitiveness and proposes recommendations to address those constraints.

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