Water - Vanuatu National Water Policy 2017-2030

National Water Policy PrioritiesThe Vanuatu National Water Policy (2017-2030) seeks to deliver the policy objectives established by the National Sustainable Development Plan (2016-2030) at:- ECO 2.2 to ensure safe water services for all- ENV 4.2 to protect community water sources- ENV 4.7 to build community natural resource management capacity- SOC 3.2 to reduce communicable diseases- SOC 6.5 to strengthen local authorities to enable decentralised service delivery- SOC 6.6 to strengthen physical planning to meets the need of a growing populationto achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets for water that include:6.1: Achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 20306.3: Improve water quality by halving untreated wastewater and increasing safe reuse globally by 20306.4: Increase water‐use efficiency and ensure sustainable withdrawals to address water scarcity by 20306.5: Implement integrated water resources management at all levels by 20306.6: Protect and restore water‐related eco‐systems, including wetlands, rivers, aquifers and lakes by 20206.7A: Expand international cooperation in water related activities and programmes by 2030.6.7B: Strengthen the participation of local communities in improving water management.The Vanuatu National Water Policy (2017-2030) has established seven priority areas to strengthen the accountability of the institutions necessary to secure a safe and sufficient, accessible and affordable, reliable and sustainable source of water for all.

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