Etas Community donate food relief for TC Harold victims

Etas community members donating bananas to TC Harold victims

Over one hundred youths at Etas community in South Efate have made a decision to assist the government in the response to those affected by Tropic Cyclone (TC) Harold. The youths which comprised of both boys and girls on behalf of the Etas community have cut unripe bananas to be shipped to the affected islands.

The President of the Etas Community Disaster Committee, Mr Armstrong Iesul this week with the community members donated over 150 unripe bananas mostly malele and Vietnam as locally called and other root crops to the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).

In his brief speech during the handing over ceremony, Mr Iesul stressed out the importance of helping our neighbours in times of disaster. He also encouraged other neighbouring communities and islands to reach out to the affected communities and do the same in terms of their immediate needs.

Mr Iesul reiterated on behalf of the community that most of the members of the community at Etas originated from the island of Tanna that was badly affected by TC Pam in 2015, and they know the situation currently faced in the affected islands, and so wanted to help.

“Tanna was badly damaged by TC Pam and we have received help from provinces in the northern part of the country, so we know what it was like, what it felt like and we want to return the gesture in supporting them,” he said.

Mr Mike Waiwai, Director of Climate Change who was present during the handing over ceremony, thanked the community chiefs and their people for taking this initiative to support those in need at this time. He encouraged the leaders at Etas community for leading the way for others and encouraged other communities to do the same as this shows our people are resilient to disaster events.

This donation was recorded at NDMO and its distribution to those affected will be facilitated by NDMO this week.