NDMO Creates on site Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) to assist with response to TC Harold

Government officers in a meeting at the NEOC at NDMO in Port Vila

The Government through the Disaster Management Office (NDMO) has created eight on site Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) in different locations within the affected provinces to support the work of the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) in Port Vila with the current response to TC Harold.

The NDMO Planning Team confirmed this arrangement this week.

Currently in operation are three Provincial Disaster Operation Centers (PDOCs) in Luganville in Santo for Sanma province, Saratama in Ambae for Penama province and Norsup in Malekula for Malampa province.  

Due to the geographical locations of other affected islands within these three provinces that were badly affected during TC Harold, NDMO sees the need to set up other onsite Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) in other islands within the affected provinces to assist with the distribution of the emergency relief supplies.

The other onsite EOCs are located in Aore and Malo islands and West Coast in Sanma province, West and North Ambrym in Malampa province and three in island of Pentecost, at Aftabanga School in North Pentecost, Melsisi in Central Pentecost and Bangi in South Pentecost.  

According to the NEOC Planning Team leader Zoe Ayong, these EOCs will greatly support the distribution of relief supplies in making sure what is distributed from Port Vila gets to all those who are affected by TC Harold.

“Having these onsite EOCs is purposely to have better coordination of the emergency relief supplies and the distribution coordinated by NDMO,” She said.