Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu donates towards COVID 19 response

Members of the PWMU in Port Vila with the donated supplies.

While the response to TC Harold and the Tanna Ash Fall is continuing, keeping up with the COVID-19 measures is also very important at this time of disasters.

This move was taken by the members of the Presbyterian Women’s Mission Union (PWMU) of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) around Efate this week, when they handed over relief goods towards COVID-19 to the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).

Martha Yamsiu Kaluatman, Gender Protection focal point at PCV head office in Port Vila stated, the donated goods are aimed for use at church houses in the affected communities to keep up with the COVID 19 measures during this disaster times.

“We thanked the women who have donated towards this cause and we want our church buildings in the affected communities to use them in response to COVID 19 health measures as they also lost their properties to TC Harold at this time,” she said.

The relief items that were donated to NDMO towards this cause includes soap, toiletries, bundle of cloth materials, candles and matches, few food items and containers for storage purposes.

Director NDMO Abraham Nasak thanked the PWMU members for their effort and commitment in organising such donation and assured them that the items will reach those in need as planned.

NDMO will organise the distribution of these non-food items to the affected islands soon.