Hazard and Risk Maps

The "Hazard and Risk Maps" file contains 57 Hazard and Risk Maps that were created for the Port Vila and Luganville study areas under the Risk Mapping and Planning for Urban Preparedness Project as part of the Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction Project (MDRR) implemented by the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department (VMGD).The work was undertaken by Beca International Consultants Ltd (Beca), GNS Science and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).The hazards covered are seismic, river flood, wind, coastal inundation and tsunami. Maps showing the severity of each of these hazards have been prepared for various mean return periods from 10 to 2500 years depending on the hazard and the data available. Following compilation of the hazard maps, an urban risk assessment was undertaken and risk maps were produced for each hazard for the various return periods.The maps are accompanied by a report: Hazard and Risk Maps and Geo-data Report: Planning for Urban Preparedness and a summary document which contains an index to the maps: Hazard and Risk Maps: Risk Mapping and Planning for Urban Preparedness.Availability of datasets: The datasets generated as part of this work have been copied to a PostGRE/GIS spatial database which has already been established within VMGD and are available to be used by GIS users within the VMGD and NDMO.  The datasets are provided as either ESRI Shapefiles (a mostly open specification data format) or as GeoTIFFs (an open source format) with LZW compression. Both types of datasets can be opened and viewed in QGIS (the GIS package of preference in VMGD) as well as a number of other GIS software products such as MapInfo. QML files that provide symbolisation for the datasets when opened in QGIS have been provided. See Page 49 - 53 of the Report and Table 33 for a summary of the GIS data delivered into the geo-data repository. For further information about access to the datasets please contact David Gibson, Director of Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Deparment.

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