Monitoring Indicators Survey 6

The Monitoring Indicators Survey, developed with Intercluster guidance, engages real-time national data collection from the ground up through the even targeting of mobile users located throughout Vanuatu. The purpose of the Monitoring Indicators is to identify thematic hotspots and to track changes any over time.Hotspots are determined based on the percentage of respondents, which is approximately 20 per area. Low numbers (1-3 respondents) can create high percentages from one response, and are therefore highlighted. Areas of most interest are hotspots identified as red, orange or yellow due to the higher percentages of respondents citing difficulties or challenges. It is recommended that further sectoral analyses are directed toward hotspots of interest to determine causation or identify relevant cross sectoral correlations. In the table below, hotspots are approximated geographically into North, East, South, West and Central. In the accompanying maps, hotspots are visible by Island and Area Council.

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