Promoting sustainable agriculture and agroforestry to replace unproductive land use in Fiji and Vanuatu

These working papers have been compiled into a monograph to accompany the final report of project ADP/2014/013 and provide greater detail. Along with the final report and workshop papers, the monograph provides a record of research conducted under project ADP/2014/013 and makes this available to a wider audience interested in agroforestry systems in Fiji and Vanuatu. The working papers also provide a useful basis for further research into agroforestry systems (or ecological intensification) in the two countries. Among the working papers (WPs) are:• a macroeconomic overview of agroforestry benefits in Pacific islands (WP1)• a survey of approaches which have been adopted for modelling the performance of agroforestry systems (WP2)• the steps required for modelling the financial performance of novel tree species (WP3) and for carrying out a broader modelling approach to include environmental and social benefits of forestry and agroforestry in Fiji and Vanuatu (WP4)• assessments of the constraints to, and opportunities for, establishing agroforestry in the Western Division of Fiji (WP5 and WP6)• a survey of the various lists of tree species which have been identified as having priority for growing in Fiji and Vanuatu and the criteria used for theirselection (WP7)• details of financial models of selected individual tree and crop species and mixed-species agroforestry systems, and estimates of financialperformance of both groups (WP8 and 9)• an assessment of the most suitable financing and other measures to promote agroforestry in the two countries (WP10)• findings from a smallholder survey on the potential for agroforestry adoption in Vanuatu (WP11)• critical examination of relevant laws and polices relating to agroforestry in Fiji and Vanuatu (WP12 and 13)• two case studies on existing agroforestry practices in Fiji and Vanuatu (WP14 and 15). Working papers 2 to 4 have a focus onmethodology for financial and economic (cost–benefit)

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