Using Trees and Gardens to Control the Big Leaf Rope

This book is about how you can use trees and gardens together to reclaim land that has been overrun by Big Leaf Rope. This approach has many benefits. Most importantly, it will allow you to make use of otherwise wasted land, and turn it into a fertile and productive garden. Techniques outlined in this book will allow for an increased crop yield and overall profit, helping to better support you and your family. It will help to increase the variety of crops you can grow, and provide further opportunities down the road selling timber from trees. Equally, trees and wildlife that are often supressed by Big Leaf Rope will also have a chance to grow back again, helping to restore Vanuatu’s rich biodiversity. Using this technique, ongoing efforts to maintain your plot and keep it free from Big Leaf Rope will decrease, making it easier to keep your garden and surrounding environment healthy and productive. We believe that by following the approach described here, you will see benefits for your community, your environment, and even to your income. This step by step guide aims to help you in setting up your own ‘agroforestry garden’ either on your own, or as a community.

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