City Wide Risk Assessment Do-It-Together Toolkit for Building Urban Community Resilience (Tulkit blong Bildimap Eben Komuniti Risiliens)

The impacts of climate change are increasingly becoming evident in the Pacific. Our communities need to build resilience to face more extreme weather and more regular disasters.Vanuatu Red Cross Society is proud to have been involved in the development of the City Wide Risk Assessment Do-It-Together Toolkit for building urban community resilience. We thank the Global Disaster Preparedness Centre for selecting Vanuatu as a trial site for the coalition building climate change project.We look forward to implementing the toolkit, and sharing the knowledge with other countries that are facing a similar situation in the fight against climate change.Ol efekts blong klaemet jens oli stap inkris plante mo yumi witnesem lo Pacific. Ol komunities blong yumi oli nid blong buildim ap mo stanap blong facem moa denjares weta mo fulap strong disasta.Vanuatu Red Cross Sosaeti I praod blong stanap strong mo involvem hem lo development blong “City Waed Risk Assessment blong Mekem Tugeta Tulkit” blong bildimap komuniti istanap strong long taon blong yumi. Yumi talem tankyu long Klobal Disasta Preparedness Senta blong isave selectem Vanuatu olsem wan trael ples blong kolition building Klimate Jes Projek.Yumi luk forward blong yumi save wok tugeta blong applaem tulkit, sherem save wetem ol nara kaontris we oli facem semak situeson blong faet akensem klamat jens.


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