Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Module for RTCs by the VQA

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Module for RTCs by the VQA


New Certificate 1 Level 1Training Program
on Climate Change (CC) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM)


Vanuatu is currently experiences severe impacts of climate change, and the national government has prioritized non-formal education as a critical focus.  Accordingly the Vanuatu Rural Development Training Centre Association (VRDTCA) has plans to develop a stand-alone CC & DRM training module, which will form a mandatory part of training programs.

Many climate change and disaster risk management teaching and learning materials are now available in the region; SPC/GIZ/AusAid Key Message and Learning Outcomes on the CC & DRM (First draft 2012), SPC SOPAC Hazard in the Pacific Factsheets, USP PACE-SD Factsheets on CC, Country Profiles (PCCSP Climate Change Projections), IPCC Reports and the SPC/GIZ/PACCSAP Learning about Climate Change the Pacific Way picture based education resource and many others.

While multiple development partners are teaching and training on these issues, there is often little consistency and/or coordination among training institutions.  Often these CC & DRM programs are not fully accredited by national training authorities.

In response, the SPC Community Education Training Center (CETC) with the SPC/GIZ’s Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Island Region (CCCPIR) Program and the University of the South Pacific, Pacific Centre for Sustainable Development Global Climate Change Alliance Program (USP PACE SD GCCA) have developed a TRAINING MODULE ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND DISATER RISK MANAGEMENT IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

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VRDTCA Office Port Vila

Latitude: -17.734065
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CC & DRR VQA Modules
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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Saturday, December 31, 2016