Strengthening Vanuatu’s International Climate Change Negotiating Capacity

Strengthening Vanuatu’s International Climate Change Negotiating Capacity

Via a series of public events, technical training, participatory meetings, and engagement of the media and civil society, the PMU aims to:
1. Increase the UNFCCC negotiating and representation capacity of Vanuatu at the national 
and international level.
2. Improve the participation of key stakeholders (including government, civil society, 
community members, and youth) involved in the UNFCCC process with attention paid to 
representing gender equality. 
3. Strengthen the general public’s awareness and knowledge of the UNFCCC process.
The project will be implemented by the PMU and will find support from VCAN, main partner of the project, who will act as a facilitator between the NAB-PMU and members of civil society organisations. The project will also receive technical support and advice from GIZ throughout the duration of the project. A full time consultant has been hired to facilitate the implementation of the project.
This project encompasses itself in the government’s effort to place climate change at the core of the development of the nation. The establishment of the new Ministry of Climate Change also reflects the government’s focus on the issue. Consequently, it is of paramount importance for the government of Vanuatu to attend COP19 and future COPs, in an effort to demonstrate strong advocacy at COP10. 
This project, being the first of its kind in Vanuatu, is considered as a pilot project which will lay the basis of future UNFCCC capacity building projects in the country. In order to better identify the impact of the activities undertaken in preparation of COP19 and the progress of Vanuatu advocating capacity, the coordinator will ensure that proper monitoring and evaluation are in place. A final evaluation of the project, added to a lessons learned paper and a proposal for future projects, will constitute a solid benchmark on which building sustainable UNFCCC capacity building effort.


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Strengthening Vanuatu’s International Climate Change Negotiating Capacity
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Sunday, August 11, 2013
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Sunday, December 15, 2013
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