Western Santo Conservation and Resilience Program

Western Santo Conservation and Resilience Program


An Indigenous led Network of community Environmental Champions, working together for the protection of biodiversity, sustainable development, customary governance, and climate/disaster resilience within the Santo Mountain Chain Key Biodiversity Area of the Western Coastline of the Island of Espiritu Santo in the Republic of Vanuatu


The Santo Sunset Environment Network (SSEN) shall serve as a catalyst to support and empower individuals, villages and communities in the West Coast and North West Santo region in improving environmental protection and conservation; and to influence the design and implementation of effective, inclusive, resilient and sustainable development strategies in keeping with traditional livelihoods.

Charitable Purposes

To contribute to its Mission, the Network’s charitable purposes include the following:

(a) To prevent environmental degradation by affirming and amplifying existing knowledge, skills and expertise of the people of West and North West Santo

(b) Building new skills, knowledge, awareness and capacity in areas of environment, climate change and other topics

(c) Promoting and enabling of traditional knowledge concerning issues of environmental protection and sustainable development.

(d) Reduce negative human impacts on the environment

(e) Facilitate a sustainable transformation in the way West and North West Santo communities use resources, including on the land, forests, freshwater, the ocean, atmosphere, and energy.

(f) To prioritize sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

(g) To inspire government, business, community, and individual action related to the environment.

(h) To organize, support, inspire and coordinate Network members to work together and speak with one voice.

(i) To ensure inclusion of gender equity, human rights and development justice in environmental management and action

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