Glossary beginning with D

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Damage Analysis / Assessment

Damage Analysis-Survey of real or potential disasters to assess actual or expected damages and make recommendations relating to prevention, preparedness and response . Damage Assessement-The process of identifying and recording of the impacts of a damaging.


The clearing or destruction of a previously forested area.


A mosquito-borne disease of tropical and sub-tropical climates that may develop into dengue hemorrhagic fever. ÊÊÊÊ

Department for International Development (UK)

A government Department of the United Kingdom responsible for administrating overseas aid. Its goal is to eliminate extreme poverty and promote sustainable development around the world.

Designated National Authority (DNA)

An office, ministry, or other official entity appointed by a Party to the Kyoto Protocol to review and give national approval to projects proposed under the Clean Development Mechanism.

Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit

<p>An international enterprise owned by the German Government. It primarily acts as a service provider for sustainable development that assists the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation.</p>


The sustainable improvement of national, community and personal quality of life and capacity. ÊÊ


A serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society causing widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses which exceed the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources. A disaster is a function of the risk process. It results from the combination of hazards , conditions of vulnerability and insufficient capacity or measures to reduce the potential negative consequences of risk.

Disaster Management

Policy and administrative decisions and operational activities at all levels to ensure preparedness for, response to and recovery from potential disaster events.

Disaster Management CenterDisaster Management CouncilDepartment of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (NZ)

The central public service department of New Zealand charged with providing support and advice to the Governor-General, the Prime Minster and members of the Cabinet of New Zealand. Its principal role is provision of advice on a daily basis, on the wide range of government policies and its priorities.

Disaster Risk Management

The systematic management of organisations, resources, skills and abilities to reduce disaster risk and alleviate the impacts of hazards and related disasters.

Disaster Risk Reduction

The development and application of measures to reduce the likelihood and possible consequences of potential disasters.

Diurnal temperature range

The difference between maximum and minimum temperature over a period of 24 hours.


The result of a lack of rain over an extended period of time.Ê

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